Gary Barlow Helps the Meerkats Celebrate Corrie Sponsorship Anniversary

Exclusive 90-second TV advert saw Gary Barlow join forces with the meerkats on the Coronation Street set.

To celebrate the first anniversary of its sponsorship of ITV’s Coronation Street, price comparison site has partnered with Gary Barlow, who stars in two new adverts with Aleksandr Orlov and fellow meerkats.

The one off, 90-second TVC saw Gary Barlow perform a special version of Gary’s new hit single, Let Me Go, with help from Aleksandr and the meerkats on the Coronation Street cobbles.

The ad followed a 30-second teaser TVC which aired earlier this month and saw Gary surprised by Aleksandr and sidekick Sergei in a bid to have him join their band. The nation then saw Gary join them at the one-off party, on Sunday 24th November, on ITV at 8.00pm.

The unique partnership, created by Polydor Records, ITV and developed by VCCP*, opens with the nation’s favourite meerkats preparing for Gary Barlow’s arrival to the party. As Gary appears ready to perform, he is less than impressed to see who greets him. However Gary soon gets into the swing of things with the performance building up to a firework finale.

Watch the advert below!

Mark Vile, Marketing Director,, comments: “The partnership with ITV’s Coronation Street is one which has thrived and we really wanted to deliver something special to the fans to celebrate our anniversary.  It was fantastic for us to have Gary Barlow on board and as a self-confessed fan of both the meerkats and Coronation Street, it was the perfect fit. We look forward to many more years celebrating with The Street in the future.”

Chris Elrin, Commercial Director, Polydor Records, said: “We approached ITV and with the idea of bringing the three parties together to celebrate the existing partnership between and ITV’s Coronation Street tying in to the release of Gary Barlow’s new album, “Since I Saw You Last”. Three icons of British culture together in one place, what’s not to love?!”

ITV’s Group Commercial Director, Simon Daglish, said: “We wanted a unique, innovative way to celebrate this important milestone and were thrilled when Gary agreed to be part of the fun.  In the best TV tradition, knows how to capture the imagination and entertain viewers and this new collaboration delivers in spades.”