Intel to air live Christmas messages in X Factor break

London, 5th December 2012

Intel and ITV Commercial today announced a Christmas promotion to support the new range of Ultrabook™ Convertibles. The TV spot, to run on ITV1 on 8th December 2012, will culminate in a commercial featuring real-time user-generated content (UGC) submitted by viewers of ITV’s live The X Factor final.

Viewers will be prompted before the start of The X Factor to open or download the Shazam App for a chance to be featured in the ad. A reminder will run during the first commercial break, along with a Shazam-enabled version of Intel’s London Train ad, to encourage people to supply their own content to feature in the edited version, which will run after the show.

When viewers "Shazam" the spot, they will be directed to a unique page within the app, where they can personalise Christmas messages to loved ones and friends and submit along with a photo uploaded from Facebook. These visual messages will air in the break following The X Factor final.

A dedicated microsite will go live at on Thursday 6th December and the activity will feature on Intel and ITV social media channels to encourage both communities to take part. Following the edit of the first advert, more personalised messages will run on the microsite to enable the maximum number of people to join in. An edit of all of the messages featuring in the first TV spot and online will then run in a second, 40-second commercial during Celebrity Juice on ITV2 on 13th December 2012.

 Intel will also be giving its famous mnemonic (the most valued brand sonic logo in the world) a seasonal twist for the Christmas special - a first for Intel in the UK.

The campaign was conceived and executed for Intel by OMD UK and made possible by ITV’s exclusive partnership to distribute Shazam functionality in UK broadcast advertising. It will run as part of Intel’s ongoing Ultrabook convertible campaign.

Alistair Kemp, consumer marketing manager, Intel UK said: “We always look to encourage creative thinking in everything we do, so we’re excited to be offering consumers something new and engaging, and it’s great to be working with two pioneering brands to create what we think is a UK media first.”

He continued: "Moreover, the Intel and Ultrabook brands are all about the creative possibilities that our technology enables, so in offering viewers the chance to get involved and spread a bit of festive cheer, hopefully we’re giving them an experience they’ll value. We’re looking forward to seeing the results!"

Kim Gilroy, Account Sales Manager at ITV says: "We are very excited to be at the heart of this ambitious Intel campaign that embraces our Shazam and Dynamic Ad Delivery capabilities, giving viewers the opportunity to engage deeper with their adverts and appear in the interactive ad on ITV during The X Factor final."