IRN BRU: Viral Gone Mainstream

I've just seen Martin Steele (IRN BRU) and Phil Adams (Blonde) give an excellent presentation on the IRN BRU Fanny campaign. Here, check it out:

What's fascinating about this campaign is that they originally made it for social media only but then after it did very well on YouTube they decided to broadcast it on TV during the Euros (in Scotland only if you're wondering why you didn't see it).

Blonde have written a really interesting article ( on the campaign including some great visualisations of how the video spread through social networks. My favourite of these is below, it shows the video views on YouTube and the effect of the (very cleverly done) initial seeding on social networks and then the big secondary boost of broadcasting it on TV:

I think this is a great example of how TV can actually work in tandem with viral "earned media"!