Taking on Alzheimer's disease with Channel 4

We've united with Channel 4 for the first time for a major brand campaign for Alzheimer's Society, created by McCann London. The "United Against Dementia" campaign launched on Monday 24th April from 20:55pm, and this is the first time we have partnered with one another to simultaneously introduce a new advertising campaign with a bespoke co-branded introductory message.

The campaign calls for people to unite in the urgent fight against dementia, which is set to be the 21st century's biggest killer. Someone develops dementia every three minutes and there is currently no cure, but Alzheimer's Society say too many are facing it alone, without adequate support, and society urgently needs to take action.

We ran teaser spots ahead of the campaign launch, showing two hands coming together to form the "A" in Alzheimer's, with the broadcaster's logos shown under the words, "Uniting for Alzheimer's Society". On the night of the campaign's TV launch both channels ran a 10 second intro ahead of the ad. This was followed by a road block showing the ad in the next break, and during primetime viewing slots the A co-branded tag was also shown ahead of the 30 second ad for the rest of the week.

We are proud to have collaborated with Channel 4 and McCann for such an important cause.

“Dementia affects people from all parts of society, and will impact all of us, which is why we urgently need to unite against it. Seeing two rival broadcasters come together for such an important issue sets a brilliant example to us all.”

Laurence Thomson , Co President & Executive Creative Director at McCann London