ITV Business is here

“The Midlands is a growth area for start-up businesses and a key area of focus for the Government’s Industrial Strategy. This makes ITV’s Central region the perfect place for the next stage of trialing our new self-serve portal. We believe that the power of TV advertising can help businesses of all sizes flourish and we’re excited to be introducing ITV Business to the Midlands with a newly created TV ad to speak directly to the big brands of tomorrow.”

Kelly Williams , ITV Managing Director, Commercial

ITV Business, a new self-serve portal enabling small businesses to manage their own online video advertising campaigns on the ITV Hub, has been introduced in ITV’s Central region and is currently supported by a brand new TV advert – the first time ITV’s commercial team have used their own platforms to directly target potential clients.

Announced at the ITV Gala last year, and following an initial trial earlier this year, this next stage sees ITV Business open to small and start-up businesses in the Midlands with a view to launch more widely at a later date.

Aimed at those who have never advertised on TV before, the self-serve portal is a simple process which involves choosing targeting, budget and the uploading of an advert. ITV is also offering businesses taking part in the scheme the option to use a creative production team to create their ads.

ITV’s new advert to highlight the service, will be broadcast in the ITV Central region on both ITV main channel and across channels on the ITV Hub in key programmes including Love Island and Coronation Street, as well as on LinkedIn and other websites.