ITV Confirms Changes To Geographic Licence Areas From 2015

ITV has recently accepted Ofcom’s decision to renew its Channel 3 licences for a full ten year term.

The new licences, which commence on 1 January 2015, incorporate two key changes to geographic licence areas. In summary:

  • West homes (previously part of the Wales & West licence and West sales micro) will be migrated to a new licence (West & South West of England) which also incorporates the current Westcountry licence thus creating a new standalone Wales Channel 3 licence; and

  • Homes served by the Oxford transmitter (previously part of the Central licence and Central South sales micro) have been migrated to the Meridian licence to reflect the Meridian Thames Valley News provision to these homes.

The changes mean that ITV will need to restructure its sales micro map accordingly. We confirm that ITV has no current intention to further alter its sales micro map beyond what is set out below.

The West homes migration will not necessitate ITV to make any material changes as ITV will continue to offer West as a separate sales micro as part of the new West & South West of England licence.

As a result of the Oxford homes licence migration, ITV will be making the following changes:

  • Homes served by the Oxford transmitter will now constitute part of the Meridian Thames Valley sales micro;

  • The Central South sales micro will be closed following the departure of Oxford homes to the Meridian licence;

ITV will also be making the following complimenting changes together with the migration of the Oxford homes; this is to ensure Regional News content marries up with micro regional advertising breaks:

  • Homes served by the Ridge Hill transmitter will migrate to the Central West sales micro which will mean the Ridge Hill homes sales micro region is aligned to the new licence News sub-region Central West which serves these homes; and

  • Midhurst DTT and DSAT homes will be moved to the Meridian South Coast sales micro so that they are aligned to the new licence News sub-region they fall in to, Meridian South News.

We are announcing this now to give our customers the greatest degree of notice we can; this is to ensure our sales team can assist affected customers with any alterations they may need to make to their buying patterns as a result of the changes set out above.

The changes noted above will be implemented at the end of January 2015 to ensure 2014/15 sales advertising which straddles the turn of the year is not impacted, to view the proposed changes please click here.