ITV Dominates Saturday's Social TV

ITV dominated Saturday’s social TV, with seven transmissions in Second Sync’s top-10 leaderboard. X Factor took Saturday’s top spot with 163,000 tweets, while the Xtra Factor on ITV2 placed 9th, following Celebrity Juice in 8th place. ‘I Am Legend’ on ITV1 placed in 3rd with over 13,000 tweets, followed by recent additions Stepping Out and Through The Keyhole. ‘The Green Mile’ on ITV4 generated 3,499 tweets making it Saturday’s 10th most tweeted TV.

ITV’s new series of Surprise Surprise generated 47,000 tweets from 35,000 individuals last night. Of the show's 47,000 tweets, a massive 78% of them posted by females. Organic trends within the programme’s tweets included #emotional and #emotionalwreck, while engagement peaked at 1,686 tweets per minute just before the programme ended.