ITV Knits the Ad Break for Text Santa

ITV has announced it has teamed up with six major brands to ‘knit the ad break’ during ITV’s annual charity fundraiser, Text Santa. 

BT, British Gas, Nationwide, DFS, Amazon Prime and Dreams will each have their ads recreated in glorious knits, which will all play in a single ad break during the broadcaster’s annual charity appeal. 

To celebrate the Christmas jumper theme of this year’s Text Santa, ITV Creative, ITV’s in-house agency, will create knitted versions of the brands’ current advertising, to run during the charity appeal show on 18th December. 

The specially created ads will use stop-motion animation, model making and the skills of expert textile artists to bring the knitted ads to life.  The unique commercial break will be framed and punctuated by knitted ITV branded promo spots. 

The campaign will be amplified in social media using the hashtag #knittedadbreak and will be further augmented on ITV and Text Santa’s social channels.  The entire knitted ad break will also be uploaded onto ITV’s YouTube channel immediately after it airs. 

The campaign takes its inspiration from ITV’s The Lego Movie ad break, which saw advertisers’ ads recreated in Lego.  PHD’s multi-award winning campaign aired exclusively on ITV last year. 

The knitted ad break was conceived and created by ITV Creative.  The Director is Tobias Fouracre, the Producer is Janet Smith and model makers Mackinnon and Saunders.

The last Friday before Christmas is an incredibly important time for brands to cut through and get their messages out to consumers. The knitted ad break, within Text Santa, represents a phenomenal opportunity for brands to do something different, get noticed and stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

Kim Gilroy , ITV’s Account Sales Manager