The Change in TV

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The Change in TV

Steve introduced us to theme of the day by talking about the need to think about connections as a system and not as separate silos. Our ambition at MediaCom is to be the best at understanding how to optimise the connections between elements of a plan to maximise results.

Steve went on to explain three reasons why TV remains such a critical element of communications systems:

  1. TV has always been important for building reach, and remains so in a connected world, as it delivers the biggest numbers of people at the start of the system. Thanks to the diversity of channels in the UK, it also now delivers targeted reach at scale.
  2. Most people now watch TV with some form of connected device by their side – be that a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. These high-powered devices have opened up a host of opportunities that help to connect what used to be silos together.
  3. TV shows are more multi-platform than they’ve ever been – helping to turn TV sponsorships into super-connected partnerships

In summary: think system, not silo.