Mass Participation and Interactivity

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Gary & Zvika introduced to the next generation of TV’s evolution as a connected medium, asking us to imagine a TV show where mass audience participation isn’t just an adjunct to a show, but is right at the heart of the viewing experience.

That show already exists in Israel and is coming to ITV next year, and is called Rising Star, the world’s first true dual-screen talent show – meaning that it doesn’t work without meshing.

The show is a format like the X-Factor – but the key factor determining passage to the next round is the live votes, in real-time, from the audience, whose faces appear live on screen in front of the contestant as they perform. This level of connection and integration has delivered a massive hit: 25% of all Israelis have downloaded the app.

Making a show truly second screen requires proper synchronisation of content, unification of content across devices that is in-depth enough to meet every need state, has a clear call to action – and most importantly enriches the audience’s enjoyment, rather than distracting from it.

In summary: The future of TV entertainment is dual screen – and Rising Star on ITV next spring will be our first glimpse of the future