ITV Premieres Brand New Virgin Media Ad

We recently collaborated with Virgin Media in order to launch their brand new creative featuring the electric athlete, Usain Bolt. The unique 100 second advert centred around Bolt's 2009 World Record, which saw him run 100 metres in a phenomenal 9.58 seconds. The ad, therefore, is a series of 9.58 sequences charting the various aspects of Usain Bolt's life and sporting career - the whole piece is a celebration of speed and of Bolt's life as 'the fastest'.

Given Virgin Media's target audience was ABC1's, what better way to launch the ad than during the hotly anticipated Wales v Portugal EURO 2016 match, which peaked at 15.4m viewers.

To compliment the creative, our in-house team, ITV Creative, produced a bespoke 10 second ident introduction to premiere the advert and let viewers know that something special was hitting their screens. The bespoke creative included a count-up clock to Bolt's 9.58s world record with a contrasting colour-picked logo, as well as the campaign hashtag #BeTheFastest, before kicking in to the lightning-speed ad.

Check our the brand new Virgin Media ad below