ITV Rebrand Goes Live

Today our new ITV branding is live - across all five ITV channels in the UK, six ITV Studios production offices around the world, and ITV Studios distribution arm, ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE).

We wanted a modern, unifying brand identity that will stretch across ITV plc, and ITV’s main channels in the UK, but also ITV's online and on demand products including ITVPlayer, ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE), and all of ITV Studios’ local production offices - including ITV Studios UK, America, France, Germany, Nordic and the newly renamed ITV Studios Australia – will also adopt the new ITV logo, aligning them more closely with parent brand.

The rebrand is linked to ITV’s Transformation plan, and has been led by Group Director of Marketing and Research Rufus Radcliffe, Director of Network Marketing Reemah Sakaan, and Creative Director of ITV Creative, Phil Lind.

Rufus Radcliffe gave us some more detail,

“Viewers now have access to hundreds of channels and are forming relationships with digital brands that did not exist a few years ago.

The rebranding of ITV will allow us to further cement the relationship in viewers' minds between our shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts them.

Today we are unveiling a new brand identity across the whole of ITV, both in the UK and around the world.

We now have a consistent identity across everything that we do, all rooted in our positioning as a media brand that is at the heart of popular culture.”  

ITV’s rebrand has been produced in-house by ITV Creative, who have worked with external specialists to realise designs. ITV Creative developed the new adaptable ITV logo, in collaboration with design specialist Matt Rudd, and type specialists Fontsmith.

From today, ITV1 is now simply ITV and the five UK channels (ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV) all have new logos and new colour schemes to better reflect their programme mix.

All of ITV’s five channels also have new idents, the branded segments between programmes over which announcers give information about the schedule.


Alongside a new ‘colour picking’ logo, that can adapt and blend to the tone and colour scheme of the programme, the channel has new on-screen presentation and promotional junctions, including a set of brand new idents.

As a brand at the heart of popular culture, ITV’s main channel now has a far broader range of idents, which capture moments from everyday life across the UK, featuring real people and real scenes. 

Creative Director of ITV Creative, Phil Lind said:

 “Idents play an important role in navigating viewers to the next show as well as providing a clear brand positioning across the network. Rather than having a small range of idents we are going to have a much broader, more eclectic range. We have cast the British public to find magic moments of life. These idents will update throughout the year, and better reflect the mood of the day, the season or time of the year.”

Programme brands on ITV,  including ITV Sport and ITV News, also have a new on-air look.

ITV News

ITV's national news and ITV plc’s regions and nations news programmes have a new look and colour palette, both on-air, and online - with all the programmes sitting under the overall ITV News brand.

The predominantly blue colour palette complements ITV’s authoritative news output.  The programmes' opening titles and the on-air graphic presentation style were designed in conjunction with leading design agency Lambie-Nairn.

The national news programme has a modern new studio design - created in conjunction with Simon Jago of BDA Set Design.

ITV Online

ITV’s new branding also extends across online and ITV Player. The homepage features a new central navigation bar to enable viewers to find the ITV content they want quickly as well as discovering new features. In addition, the new homepage has been responsively designed for mobile to cater to the needs of the growing audiences who are accessing our content via phones and tablets.

ITV’s Digital Channels

All ITV’s digital channels now have clearer brand propositions, new on-air colour schemes and social media presences.


ITV2 now has a new hot red logo, and a new set of idents reflecting its heightened reality world of fun and entertainment, where everyday situations get a playful ITV2 twist.


ITV3 is the home of ITV’s crafted drama collections.

The channel has a new midnight blue logo, and a set of stunning stop motion film idents featuring bell jars that contain intricate hand cut and crafted paper scenes and stories.


ITV4 is ITV’s haven of sport and cult classics.

The new look ITV4 has a slate grey logo, and a set of idents where fans of the channel’s sport and cult output have recreated some ultimate experiences, inspired by the channel’s content.


CITV is a channel of wickedly playful kids stuff.

Children themselves have had the chance to draw their own ideas for the logo and idents, which the in-house creative team at CITV have animated into ‘C-Creatures’ logos.

We hope you enjoy the new ITV on and off screen.

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