The power of mass marketing and the importance of emotional planning have never been greater. At ITV Showcase 2016, we launched Livewires and discussed the Return On Emotional Investment. Read on to find out what we said, or contact Jason and the team and we'll share more insight and ideas to give your brand the edge.


At ITV, we focus on understanding the audience, their emotional connection with our programming and popular culture overall. We do this to ensure that our programmes are as popular and loved as possible by the audience, and to enable brands to harness this through partnership. LIVEWIRES – ITV’s window on the UK – includes a set of independent data that captures who we are as a nation, primary research that looks into who we are, and a fast-moving cultural barometer powered by live digital feeds. It reveals:

  • The key trends in society and culture
  • What the nation is thinking and feeling
  • What people are doing, buying and saying right now

Download the Livewires presentation from ITV Showcase

Return On Emotional Investment (ROEI)

Decision-making is primarily an emotional thing. Emotions drive consumers' behaviour and actions more than rational thought. 

There is a wealth of evidence to illustrate that brands, which adopt an emotional approach in their communication strategies are more effective, more efficient and more profitable – from the IPA's The Long and Short of It study to our very own Primal Screen study

Download our deck all about the Return On Emotional Investment

Click here to find out more from our Insight section of the show including, Director of Audiences, Neil Mortensen and our ROEI panel presented by Davina McCall, Emma Gormley (MD, ITV Daytime) and Kelly Williams (MD, ITV Commercial) in conversation with Ja


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