Engage innovatively in premium online content with AdShow and AdSync.

In a nutshell

Turn heads by turning your press ads smart. Our new online formats maximize impact – from making press ads more powerful (AdShow) to making airtime campaigns work harder (AdSync).

Tell me more

AdShow gives viewers an interactive experience of your products and services, letting people delve deeper from carousels to thumbnails and extra content. AdSync adds an extra smart layer to your TV spot, launching extended video or games to play within our entertainment apps. 

What’s in it for me?

AdShow is all about functional benefits: it improves engagement levels, supercharging static press ads so you stand out from the crowd. AdSync gives you fame: it helps you get considered and more likely to be purchased through greater engagement levels.

Which categories does this work best for?

We brought this to life at Showcase for motors and food retail / FMCG, but we know we can make this work for any category.

What next?

If you are interested, please contact or one of the team so we can share case studies and show you how we can turbocharge your campaign.



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