ITV Sport Upfronts 2018

Last week we hosted our first ever ITV Sport Upfronts event, where we had a stellar line up of celebrated Sporting guests talk to our agency and client audience about the beauty and power of live Sport on TV. Ian Wright, Ed Chamberlin and Francesca Cumani were just a few of our many special guests who engaged our wide eyed audience with their own insight into the phenomenon that is live, televised Sport.

Mark Trinder and Steve Bignell, our Commercial Sales Directors introduced themselves and warmed the crowd up with some fascinating viewing figures from our past major Sporting events, and some insights into viewing habits as well as challenging the notion that 'young people aren't watching TV any longer'.

They touched on some of England's major televised sporting events in the past year which includes the Euros, the Rugby Six Nations and the Women's Rugby World Cup final. Not to forget the renowned Tour de France cycling tournament, and Froome's 4th Tour win!

Through the trials and tribulations that England have faced when it comes to Sport, ITV have been sure to show them all. We aired the French Open tennis tournament where the world watched Rafa Nadal win his record tenth title, and we are proud to capture momentous occasions, where athletes make history.

Broadcasting the Horse Racing this year for the first time in many moons was a challenge, however the response has been extremely encouraging and many people who had never followed the races were tuning in to cheer on their favourite horses! This is the beauty and power of live Sport on TV, it engages with the masses in its absolute rawness and spontaneity - anything can happen.

We are now exclusively showing the World Boxing Super Series on ITV Box office, which is a first for us and further expands our portfolio of the major Sporting events we show on ITV.

''The power of TV and live ITV Sport is clear...and huge fame and reach will be delivered to brands within these Sporting environments in 2018 and beyond''.

Simon Daglish , Deputy Managing Director, Commercial, ITV

Sports Upfronts

All Sport on ITV in 2016 attracted huge audiences, reaching a total of 53 million individuals which is phenomenal. We reached 12.3 million of 16-34's, therefore the proof is in the pudding and young people are definitely still watching TV!

Our social platforms have also been great for sharing our brilliant content and coverage across key sporting events shown across ITV. The ITV Tour de France Podcast went to number one in the UK for a week during the first week of the tournament, and we had 1.4 million social media video views across our ITV Cycling accounts for the 3 weeks of the Tour.

We've already had 1.2 million video views just from our ITV Football Twitter account just this month and the Rugby Six Nations generated 4.4 million video views across Twitter, and the figures are set to keep growing.

So what next for 2018? The anticipation around the World Cup Russia 2018 is huge, and we are confident that we can exceed the 46 million people who tuned in to watch the World Cup Brazil in 2014 on ITV...which was 79% of the population! 

The partnerships and possibilities surrounding our televised Sporting events are endless, and can make brands BIG. The last World Cup in Brazil saw three excellent partners come together in the shape of Sony Mobile, Santander and Carling, so we can offer multiple partnerships surrounding the event. Please read more about our partnership opportunity around the World Cup 2018 here.

With a plethora of Sport on the horizon for ITV including, World Cup 2018, Rugby Six Nations, Cycling, Tennis, Boxing, Darts and many more, our national audiences will not be disappointed. It is fair to say that live Sport is in a league of it's own when it comes to national viewing figures, and moving forwards there is only more room for growth and transformation when it comes to live Sport on ITV.