ITV Wins 20 PROMAX Awards

ITV had a phenomenal night at the PROMAX awards on Friday night. We won an incredible 20 awards in total, including 8 Golds.

The X Factor was the big winner of the night with three gold – including best launch – one silver and two bronze!

The PROMAX Awards encourage excellence and innovation in the field of Television Marketing and Branding and were this year celebrating "the best of British Creativity and how UK creative shapes and influences the global media landscape".

Below are a list of ITV's awards, which were over a range of genres and categories:


Best ident – ITV3

Best launch - The X Factor

Best poster – Tour de France

Best sound design – The X Factor

Best use of music – The X Factor

Best channel ID – ITV

Best cross media campaign – Broadchurch

Best promotion for website - Citv


Best drama clip based – Broadchurch

Best entertainment clip based – The X Factor

Best long form – The X Factor mash up

Best ID - Citv


Best originated entertainment promo - The X Factor

Best entertainment clip based – The X Factor

Best reality clip based –  The Big Reunion

Best factual clip based – Happy Families

Best direct response – Britain's Got Talent

Best season/ stunt – Summer of Soaps

Best long form – ITV, Our Lives

Best on air – channel promotion – Where Life Lives

See the full list of winners here.