ITV's Events & Hospitality Team Celebrate Their Favourite Ads

Kia Hanley, Head of Events & Hospitality

Coke Christmas Adverts - I love the immediate sense that Christmas is upon us when the advert is aired!  I love Christmas & such a timeless ad which has grown over the years. I really like that the John Lewis ads have equally become iconic over the festive season.

Susanna Rowlands, Events Manager

Accrington Stanley Milk Advert, Ian Rush - Simple, effective and funny....


Gemma Machin, Events Manager

Milky Way - The red car & the blue car had a race - Years on you still remember the theme tune



Laura Faulkner, Corporate Hospitality Events Manager

Diet Coke Break - Feminine, sexy and showed business women in offices (as opposed to housewives) which would have been a powerful message even in the 80s! Plus, I always dreamt that I too would have a facilities man like that.



Stephen Tyzack, Events Coordnator

Harvey and Rabbit: Friends for life for Thinkbox - Such a humorous way to show the power of advertising!



Isabel Lewis, Events Manager

Old Spice - Novel approach with comedy



Jenni Williams, Events Manager

AA advert - I enjoyed watching with my brother when we were little