Kelly Williams talks to Campaign about ITV's 'bread and butter' and future plans

Kelly Williams recently met with Campaign to discuss all things ITV and from campaign successes to exciting new content, Kelly outlined the parts of ITV that excite him the most at the moment.

Highlighting the influence branded content has had, Williams cites a campaign ITV created that helped Cadbury gain share last Christmas and serves as an example of how it can add value. More recently, ITV turned around an ad for Boots No7 in less than 24 hours.

MediaWeek found out how ITV is also trying to make more of its top shows through programme apps. Williams says the "incredible" return on investment Domino’s Pizza achieved from its sponsorship of last year’s X Factor app, has helped talks with brands about other shows. "We’re probably in a unique position as we’re the only broadcaster that can deliver apps at scale."


Chris Locke, the managing director of VivaKi, says. "Most advertisers need ITV to deliver mass on the main channel and niche on the digital channels... If they carry on cracking that as the only commercial game in town, it will keep them strong."

Williams concedes that "[ITV’s] bread and butter continues to be selling airtime and creating partnerships". And, although it is not a new game, it is one that remains lucrative.

Group M has forecast that TV ad revenue could climb by 9 per cent this year and the growth is coming from all different sectors, from retail to FMCG to entertainment.

In terms of upcoming content, Williams says he is "most excited about" ITV drama. He describes The Frankenstein Chronicles starring Sean Bean, a 13-part adaptation of the Old English poem Beowulf and a retelling of Jekyll & Hyde as "epic" productions.


"Around the world, the bar has been raised for drama and we’re raising that bar with those dramas" he says.

One example of ITV’s core ad proposition is the Rugby World Cup, which William’s believes will "grab the public’s attention in a much bigger way" than anyone expects.




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