Kirsty Robinson, ITV's Research & Marketing Manager Celebrates Her Favourite Ads

Cadbury's Gorilla ad
I remember being really surprised when I first saw this. It was so simple but really funny and unexpected, it had nothing to do with chocolate but was memorable and very cleverly done.

Thinkbox Harvey ad

I'd spent a lot of time coming up with arguments to support the case for TV and this was the best way I had seen of presenting the argument - and I have a very soft spot for dogs.

John Lewis Snowmen ad

It was unlike all the other Christmas ads around at the time and really stood out, it was a story that was great at capturing the Christmas mood and very heart-warming.

At ITV we're passionate about adverts and want to celebrate our favourite ads of all time. Over the next few months, we'll be showcasing which ads have made us laugh out loud, shed a tear or just told a really amazing story. Get in touch and let us know your favourite ad.