Lego Vinnie Resuscitates Ad Campaign…

How do you make a Lego client happy? Create a world first, world class, all Lego ad break that consumers love.

The stunt, to promote The Lego Movie, saw ads recreated with Lego in a high-profile ad break of ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Research done by You Gov has shown that viewers of the Lego ads rated them higher and more engaging than the original adverts.  The results were even better for the harder to reach 16-34 age group


Source: You Gov. Dial Testing research of 200+ viewers of both original and Lego ads.

Viewers were hugely positive about the Lego ads. Not only did they rate higher than the originals, 59% said they’ll remember these ads more than the standard adverts.

Of the four adverts that featured, it was Vinnie Jones of the British Heart Foundation’s Lego ad that enticed the most. 42% agreed the Lego ad made them feel more positive about the brand.

The brand that had the biggest shift in appeal was for Premier Inn. The original ad featuring Lenny Henry had a ‘love’ score of 5%, which then soared to 24% for the Lego ad.

Overall, viewers enjoyed seeing something different in the ad breaks and they agreed that more brands should think of creative ways to advertise.

And finally, to end on a joke:

How do you make a Lego man wince?

Answer: Pretty hard before 1989 when all Lego minifigures wore a smile on their little yellow heads, but now we have a Lego Vinnie Jones anything’s possible! So you….kick him in the blocks!