Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble - The Power of TV!

March madness seems to have spread across the UK over the last few days thanks to a certain 19 year old pop song and two 37-year-old Geordies. Last Saturday night Ant and Dec brought PJ and Duncan back for a one off performance of “Lets Get Ready to Rhumble” resulting in a number one on iTunes and even drawing comment from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Spurred on by the massive success of The Big Reunion and appearances by Five, Atomic Kitten and Blue - PJ and Duncan closed (and arguably stole) the show on Saturday Night Takeaway last weekend. This saw an immediate and massive response across social media.

  • Over 1.7 millions hits on YouTube

  • Currently Number 1 on ITunes

Spotify also revealed that hits to hear the single have increased 1,100% since Saturday according to MusicWeek.

Ant and Dec confirmed today that they would be donating their proceeds from the track to ChildLine as Ant McPartlin told BBC Radio 2: "I've been trying to push it under the carpet! People are still buying the track, so we've just decided that any money we make out of it will be put towards Childline, as we're patrons of that."

The massive response across social media once again proves the power of TV content and as his royal highness himself said Ant and Dec and indeed PJ and Duncan "seem to have discovered the secret of eternal youth. I suspect it must be all that rumbling they do. Anyway, I hope they keep rumbling on”.