Mobile Purchasing Set for Massive Increase

A recent UK Digital Download by the Future Foundation suggests that mobile and online growth continues at strong pace. Whilst this isn't news to anybody who has been following the rise of the mobile device, it's good to see it panning out as we all believed.

Of particular note is the amount of people who are taking part in online purchasing, with those doing this via mobile devices doubling in the last two years. There is still an inherent distrust among many about buying things online, especially via mobile. Exactly why this is - confidence in security, reduced mobile formats having less detail etc - should erode over the coming years, hence the massive projection increase for 2018 from 8% to 51%.

Of course, social networking and emailing across mobile has grown considerably, with the general integration of these applications and ease of use. Conservative estimates suggest the average adult with a smartphone checks it 150 times per day. As they learn more, they will interact more, ensuring yet another "Year of Mobile" for many years to come...