Netflix Not Affecting Linear Viewing Finds New Research

Streaming-video site Netflix is ramping up its original content, with shows such as the drama House of Cards, but according to new research by TiVo, its subscribers are still watching the same amount of linear TV.

Data from 9,956 TiVo subscribers collected in May found no significant difference in the amount of time spent watching the 28 most popular networks between those who subscribe to Netflix, and those who don’t.

“Our data show that Netflix is not currently a substitute for traditional television, but offers a way for TV lovers to watch more of the kinds of programs they love,” said Mark Lieberman, CEO of TiVo Research and Analytics.

The study also found that Netflix users who viewed House Of Cards watched 85% more HBO and 125% more of Showtime’s Homeland than those who didn’t subscribe.

Earlier in the year, Lindsey Clay, managing director of Thinkbox wrote a piece challenging the assumption that commissions of Netflix-exclusive content spelled the end of linear TV.

“We watch linear TV to share the live experience with others and, sometimes, because we don’t know what we want to watch and can’t motivate ourselves to search for something,” she said.

“The schedules are expertly and lovingly curated for us and remain the trusted first port of call. We watch on-demand to fit all our TV into our busy lives and to catch-up when we’ve missed things – or when an on-demand subscription to a service like Netflix is the only way to watch something.

“Linear is convivial, VOD is controllable, both are satisfying and together they are increasing the amount of TV people are watching.” Read Linsdey’s Opinion piece for more.