New Series of Downton Abbey Gets Rave Reviews

Downton Abbey will once again grace our screens this Autumn, returning for the eagerly anticipated 4th Series. Members of the national press have been lucky enough to watch a preview of the first episode and feedback has been very positive.

Here's just one example:

"As a piece of TV craft, Downton Abbey really does seem to have turned the clock back: this new series much more closely – and welcomely – resembles that glorious first season, which made itself instantly the most popular TV drama in Britain back in 2010.

"These are stories about a family, and stories about its servants. There is love both spoken and concealed; there are new allegiances, new rivalries upstairs and down, old scores to settle, the reappearance of an old flame."

-Neil Midgeley, The Telegraph

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The third series of the multi award-winning drama consolidated with 12 million viewers and a 40% share of the audience. The fourth series will be sponsored by Tesco Finest.