New Virgin Media advert shown simultaneously across all ITV channels

Virgin Media's latest advert for its "Switch to Super" campaign aired simultaneously across all five of ITV's main channels last week as part of Proudly Presents – a first for the broadcaster.

The new advert, which continues the portrayal of Usain Bolt as a superhero and is the first to focus on Virgin Media's recently announced Intelligent WiFi service for its customers, had its UK TV premiere as part of ITV's Proudly Presents initiative, launching with a bespoke and innovative introduction.

Last week millions of TV viewers watching any of ITV's five main channels (ITV main channel, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and ITVBe) as well as UTV and STV, experienced a short spoof takeover of their TV due to a simulated 'WiFi issue' which was then followed by Virgin Media's new 60 second advert.

This is a significant moment for Virgin Media as our amazing new SuperBolt advert features across all of ITV’s main channels simultaneously for the first time as part of Proudly Presents. The ad is the next chapter in SuperBolt’s journey and sees him struck by connectivity conundrums before our Intelligent WiFi steps in and saves the day – just like it will for our customers.

Cilesta Van Doorn , Brand Director, Virgin Media

This is the first time that ITV's Proudly Presents has roadblocked a single advert across all of its channels at the same time. Previously the Proudly Presents format has been reserved for a single channel delivery.

The advert itself – created by BBH London – showed SuperBolt at his top-secret hideout experiencing a crisis as one of his favourite gadgets, his Bolt Signal, isn't working. This is due to problematic WiFi but Virgin Media's Intelligent WiFi saves the day by automatically fixing his WiFi issues for him.

For the first time, Virgin Media's advert had audio description enabled. This is part of its continued commitment to transform the experience of disabled people.

Virgin Media's Switch to Super campaign continues to feature across TV channels for eight weeks. This will be supported by a wider marketing campaign across print, radio and digital platforms as well as Virgin Media's social media channels.

Our Proudly Presents format gives brands an attention grabbing introduction and has been used to launch some of the biggest advertising campaigns of recent years. But, this is the first time we have run such a partnership across the ITV family of channels. The creative execution, which highlights Virgin Media's Intelligent WiFi, naturally lends itself to a roadblock moment and relies on each individual ITV channel personality. It’s a great example of how ITV can deliver real standout and context for brands.

Mark Trinder , Commercial Sales Director, ITV