OFcom Report Findings Mirror LIVES Research

I was interested to read about the latest Communications Market report from OFcom in the Metro this morning. I was initially drawn by the attractive headline "The big TV set is still king" but the article also highlighted a number of interesting insights about TV viewing, tablet ownership and 'Media Meshing' (carrying out activities or communicating via other devices about the TV programme being watched).

More importantly, many of the key findings echo our own research insights from ITV LIVES Wave 2 and our TV Twitter project. The studies, independent from each other, have produced similar results.

  • Live TV viewing is, and remains, king. TV programmes are becoming more unmissable.

  • Tablets have exploded onto the scene - For some people they are a MUST have not a NICE to have (ITV Lives 2)

  • Multi-Screening behaviour is growing

  • Engagement beyond the broadcast: We have identified different levels of engagement with ITV programmes beyond the TV broadcast.

Our ITV LIVES research delves deeper into these identified behaviours, revealing they differ greatly depending on which of the 4 LIVES they fall under.

The level of live viewing, tablet ownership or second screen activity changes significantly between Social LIVES Traditional LIVES, Connected LIVES or Busy LIVES. For more information on LIVES, click here.