Power of TV: TV is the most viewed ‘video’ form…

I came across this eye-opening article from Thinkbox’s Chief Executive Lindsey Clay,  discussing how TV is being referred to as ‘video’ content. Neil Mortensen from Thinkbox braved the challenge of arriving at an estimate for the famous question “what is the total time spent watching ‘video’ (aka content) in the UK across all the many screens we now have?”

The chart above shows the vast, various types of video content out there as placing them all in the same box would be completely unjustified. Some are home-made, some professionally, some watched on small screens, others large etc.

Nevertheless, arriving at 5 hours a day clearly linear TV came out on top-accounting for a huge 75% (about 3hrs 45mins).

It sounds like TV certainly is the most powerful medium for brands.

Interestingly Claire Enders also states that online activity may be increasing in usage, BUT not all online environments are right for advertisers to position themselves.

TV is repeatedly proven to be the most cost effective medium, most recently in Payback 4 by Equity, where it was found to be twice as effective ‘per impact’ as any other medium. As Lindsey states,"There is no doubt that total viewing of video, in all its guises, is rapidly growing - but it doesn’t make sense to rob the most effective form of ‘video’ to pay for other forms. Let’s find the money elsewhere”