Reaching the Connected Consumer

The second day of MediaTel's annual Connected Consumer conference kicked off on Wednesday last week with a session chaired by media journalist Raymond Snoddy on 'Connected consumers'.

The session, featuring a panel of experts, including ITV’s Controller of Commercial Digital Products Jon Block (pictured above), explored the ways in which connectivity is changing advertising strategies and how these consumers can be reached most effectively.

Consumer behaviours are changing rapidly said the panel, and these new connected audiences spend their day switching seamlessly between smartphones, tablets or connected TVs – and advertisers must take the journey with them.

"Consumers now have an omni-channel life," says Michael Bayler, director of strategy at SapientNitro. “As soon as we isolate one of these channels, it goes wrong.”

Advertisers have just had their craft disrupted, added Chris Worrell, Head of Insight at OMD, but once advertisers learn how to cope with the change, things will settle down he said.

Jon Block reasoned that innovation in technology naturally results in device fragmentation, “but there are a number of powerful convergent effects that counteract this.”

“The strongest is the convergent effect created by the pocket where over the last few years we have seen phones, cameras, PDAs and maps all merge into one, and in the next few years wallet and keys are sure to follow.

“Another convergent effect is the living room sofa - there is clearly a user need to have a simple and singular way to interface with the media and entertainment devices in our living room. However this effect is much weaker as the user reward is less compelling, and so it is likely that we'll see multiple devices in the living room for quite a few years to come.”

Full Panel

  • Gavin Johnson Head of Sales, Specific Media

  • Michael Bayler, Director of Strategy, SapientNitro

  • Jon Block, Controller of Digital Products,  ITV

  • James Booth, Founder, Rockabox

  • Chris Worrell Head of Insight, OMD

See MediaTel’s event report  for more information.