Reactive Commercials Turn 10 on ITV

Some of the most compelling marketing stories are those that happen in real time and with Reactive Commercials, we make this possible.

You may be surprised to hear that ITV has been doing Reactive adverts for 10 years now. It started when ITV overlaid up-to-the-minute England rugby scores over Fuller’s first ever TV ad, and more recently, we broadcast live over 20 territorial army commercials from the frontline of Afghanistan.

ITV has pioneered in this space and have learnt loads along the way to help make it simple for you.

Reactive Commercial Solutions allow advertisers to change their broadcast creative minutes before transmission in different ways to create more relevant, timely, topical and immediate.

Traditional advertising, unified with real-time data presents real opportunities for advertisers who wish to harness the power of immediacy and interactivity.

There are a number of flexible ways that we can work with advertisers:

    • Beyond live sports betting campaigns

    • Harvesting social media

    • Running Reactive polls

    • Live gaming, Competitions

    • Live information

    • Live audio-visual

And the results speak for themselves...


With the help of live-ad technology, viewers were able to Shazam the Christmas Intel ad in The X Factor final 2012 and upload their own Facebook photo and a Christmas message to a loved one. Two hours later, the re-edited Intel ad was broadcast showing a selection of these personalised Christmas messages.

From this campaign, Intel grew Likeability from 41% to 83% among those who engaged. Find out more about the campaign here.

The ground-breaking Territorial Army  campaign, which saw over 20 individual creative treatments captured live from the frontline, generated a huge upweight in new enquiries for the territorial Army - and the results were long-lasting. Six months later, 31% of the audience recall seeing campaign. Read our case study on this award-winning campaign.

Barclays Life Skills

Barclays partnered with ITV for a week-long campaign following two young people undertaking work experience. We created daily same-day turnaround, documentary-style TV adverts showing first-hand what it’s like to undertake work experience. The Barclays campaign was featured in The Times, The Drum and Campaign Magazine during the launch week.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK rallied thousands of Britain’s Got Talent viewers to take part in the 5k and 10k events by launching two TV spots during the show. The first, 30” spot asked viewers to  "Send a Message to Cancer” via a dedicated website. Then, using live graphic technology, these were broadcast during the second, 60” spot, sharing womens' personal experiences nationwide to inspire further viewers to register.

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