Ross Faulkner, ITV's Deputy Creative Sales Director celebrates his favourite ads

Ross Faulkner, Deputy Creative Sales Director, ITV gives us his top 3 favourite ads which has inspired him over the years.

Carling, 'Space'

A great insight about how blokes socialise and place their friendship above all else... serialised brilliantly. Never fails to make me laugh.

Tic Tac, 'Missed Goal'

After ITV accidentally cut to an ad break during the Liverpool derby and played out the first few seconds of a Tic Tac ad, this was a fantastic bit of responsive creative work.  Brave but instantly makes a positive point about the brand.  And gets their creative message across.

Ian Rush, 'Milk'

A great way to use sports stars endorsement without actually having their (often) stiff performance on screen.  Such a clear idea and message, I remember what an impact it had on me, and my mothers milk bill! And I still remember the line today...   Poor Acrington Stanley...!!!

At ITV we’re passionate about adverts and want to celebrate our favourite ads of all times. Over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing which ads have made us laugh out loud, shed a tear or just told a really amazing story. Get in touch and let us know your favourite ad.