RWC 2015 - Week 1 - 100 Days to go!

dags.jpgAs I sit here writing the words RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015, there is a small tightening of the muscles in my stomach and my thoughts wander excitingly to that game - 22nd November 2003. That drop kick, the roaring of 83,000 fans and millions all over the world huddled around TV sets in clubs, bars and living rooms.

What a day, what a moment and now one of the world’s greatest sporting events is coming home to Twickenham, England. The same venue England lost at in the final of 1991…but lets not talk about that!

The interest is already growing fast, witnessed by the frantic final day of the Six Nations with the games attracting audiences of nearly 10 million, and what a thrilling finish it was for all rugby fans.

But this Rugby World Cup will stretch far beyond the loyal rugby fan and is set to engage audiences who before this tournament have had little interest in the game. You are not going to need to be a sports fan to enjoy it.

Rugby is the sport of this year, it will unite the home nations, it will divide the nations, it will make us gasp in awe, shout at the screen, leap with joy, smile, laugh and maybe cry, but it definitely won’t leave us without memories.

We estimate a total audience of over 44 million people will be watching over the tournament; a true national occasion so rarely seen since the Olympics, nearly four years ago. Now only 100 days away every single try, tackle, push and shove will be shown exclusively.

Simply put if you want to be part of a great nation united around a great sport the only place to be is ITV.

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Simon Daglish, Deputy Commercial Managing Director