Sam Wood, ITV's Commercial Research Executive celebrates his favourite ads

Sam Wood, Commercial Research Executive , ITV gives us his top 3 favourite ads which has inspired him over the years.

Lucozade Sport

I was 6 when this advert came out and having been playing football for a couple of years John Barnes quickly became my hero! I remember going to football practice and literally demanding a lucazade to take with me. If John Barnes drinks it then so should I.

Nike - Brazilian Football team in the Airport

I was about 16 when this came out and Ronaldo was the player every school footballer wanted to emulate. This advert got every single boy in my year at school out at break time to try and replicate the advert. All of us wanting to be Ronaldo. Everyone talking about the 'Nike' advert.


Bugati v Ronaldo

The ultimate boys advert! The fastest car in the world racing one of the fastest players. Not only another great advert but one that made me want more from it, behind the scenes footage, how quickly they did it etc. Just a really cool advert.

At ITV we're passionate about adverts and want to celebrate our favourite ads of all times. Over the next few months, we'll be showcasing which ads have made us laugh out loud, shed a tear or just told a really amazing story. Get in touch and let us know your favourite ad.