Social Interaction, Perfectly Timed

Senior Commercial Research Executive Sam Wood scopes out maximising social interaction opportunities by predicting audience behaviour

The Inbetweeners movie makes a return to our screens tonight and we can predict the exact moment when people will be tweeting. We don't have a crystal ball, we haven't spoken to the cast and believe it or not we didn't direct the film. We do however have access to the next best thing, SecondSync.

A quick search on the SecondSync dashboard tells us that one particular scene gets people tweeting! The film has been on TV twice in the last year (November and May) and on both occasions the tweet behaviour spikes in exactly the same place. If you have seen the film (and haven't already looked below) then have a guess at what the scene might be.

Planning for the moment isn't simply restricted to iconic scenes in films. The SecondSync tool is helping us to understand the key moments within content that get people talking & engaging. Most importantly of all, knowing when these moments will occur is helping us to plan our social media activity to maximise the engagement around our shows. We all expected, for example, that the key moment of BGT would be Attraction winning the show. If only we could have planned for "Egg-gate"...

Knowing that there will be a spike in conversation at approximately 21:26 this evening, what could you do to facilitate or be apart of this conversation? Is there something you or your brand could do contextually to build upon this engagement?

Get ready to tweet

Second Sync Data

Second Sync
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 09.59.21

Update! We told you so...