The Success of the Euros Campaigns

Michael Curtis, ITV's Trading Manager talks to us about the challenges, highlights and success of the Euros Campaign.

"Across the Euros tournament we transmitted 4118 spots from 203 advertisers through 80 different agencies, across 24 different categories"

Now, several months since the final ball was kicked at the 2012 Euros, ITV Trading Manager Michael Curtis takes a brief look back at the challenges and highlights some of our successes from working on the biggest football event of the year.


In a world where most football is televised, the World Cup and European Championships stand apart, offering a shared experience on a massive scale that touches even football non-believers.

And as the sole commercial broadcaster of the Euros, with audience-grabbing fixtures such as England’s opener against France and the final group match against the Ukraine, making advertisers a core part of this experience is what working in ITV Commercial is all about.


To illustrate the scale of this undertaking - across the tournament we transmitted 4118 spots from 203 advertisers through 80 different agencies, across 24 different categories - so you can imagine the issues we faced.


We were also able to offer advertisers the opportunity to amplify their message through the creative selling of spots around specific breaks or matches.

Nike came on for a spot in the England v Ukraine match to mark the return of Wayne Rooney with a mesmerising creative whilst a William Hill spot offered odds on him being the first goalscorer (and he was, at 5/1!).

Vauxhall bought into breaks immediately prior to the England line ups, with a creative that featured members of the public lining up alongside the England players across the whole country, emphasising the powerful message of "supporting a nation".

And i was not only the England matches that generated creative opportunities - a number of advertisers bought spots around games featuring Ireland, Russia, France and Greece.

Finally, Adidas bought into the first break after the final whistle of the final to launch their Olympic-themed creative supporting Team GB with a stunning 60” creative (watch the ads above).

Making something great happen…

While the England team have shown that as long as they don’t have to score from 12 yards they are unbeatable, ITV Commercial has again delivered unique opportunities and managed the objectives of our clients in delivering bespoke packages, creative solutions and enhanced programming on a scale that only we are capable of.