TV Advertising Crucial to Long-Term Profit

The IPA recently released the results of study which examined the business effects of 1,000 advertising campaigns from over 30 years of IPA Effectiveness data and across 83 different categories.  The study entitled ‘Advertising effectiveness: the long and short of it’ was an update on their influential earlier work, ‘Marketing in the era of accountability’, which was published in 2007.

The findings provide evidence-based recommendations for business on how to best approach investment in advertising.  There was strong evidence that TV advertising is crucial to long-term profit and gives the best business results

Key findings

  • None of the 1,000 ad campaigns included in the study achieved substantial long-term profit growth without investing in TV advertising

  • TV advertising remains the most effective way to build a brand and creates larger business effects than other forms of advertising

  • TV advertising is becoming more effective due to growing synergies with online and increased viewing reducing the cost of reaching mass audiences with TV

  • Including TV advertising in a campaign increases the campaign’s efficiency six-fold.

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