We Are loving… The Skateboarding Tortoise

Written by Sneha Charavda, Commercial Marketing Manager, ITV

Let’s be honest, you don’t often associate managing your finances with having a good time but that has all changed with the new Virgin Money ad featuring the awesome ‘Skateboarding Tortoise’.

Following on from their epic ‘Dancing Pigeon’ spot, Virgin Money’s new TV ad for the 'There's Money and There's Virgin Money' campaign, features an equally entertaining tortoise on a wild skateboarding sequence. Whilst The Hives' Tick Tick Boom (one of my favourites!) provides a suitably rock n’ roll soundtrack for our skateboarding star as he takes to the half-pipe.

It’s a refreshing, fun and bold campaign; everything we’ve come to expect from the Virgin brand and we can’t wait to see which animal is next on the list for a Virgin Money makeover.