We finally have #closure and Twitter went crazy!

We saw the volume of tweets grow throughout the series of Broachurch (usually we see the opposite) and saw a massive 47k tweets in last week's penultimate episode. This was nothing compared to last night's finale which saw the volume of tweets rise to over 260,000! (260,709)

This is by far the most tweeted about drama episode we have seen with a number usually reserved for big entertainment shows (the launch of BGT got 290k and the second show 172k).

  • The number of unique tweeters was 137k compared to 15k during the 1st episode.

  • #closure was used over 17k times during TX and 20k times in total yesterday.

  • The series in total generated over 470k tweets. See Broadchurch Summary.

We saw the bookend pattern expected for drama with the largest peak coming at the start with people excited to watch the final episode. The second largest peak came at the end when it was announced Broadchurch would return for a second series. We also see peak in line with the ad breaks.

Looking at other recent dramas we see:

  • Dr. Who launch episode generated 85k tweets, with following episodes around 30k

  • Downton Abbey Christmas special - 36k

  • Mayday - 5k

  • Mr. Selfridge - 23k

What will series two bring?

*since tracking began in June 2012