We watched 4 hours, 1 minute a day of linear TV in 2012

Thinkbox’s annual report A Year in TV 2012  revealed that television is in great shape and more effective than ever in reaching mass audiences of highly-engaged fans.

“TV remains the beating heart at the centre of our cultural life,” said Tess Alps, Thinkbox’s Executive Chair. “It is where we go to be entertained, informed and to share wonderful experiences.”

The review of the last year looked at the television landscape, how it was shaped by massive events such as the Euro 2012, the Olympics and Paralympics, and the way that technology, such as the rise of multi-screening and penetration of connected devices, is changing the way we watch television.

The way that advertisers communicate with their audience is also diversifying, with technology such as Shazam and new ad platforms accompanying and enhancing the 30-second spot.

Despite this “expanding palette of commercial opportunities”, Thinkbox says that the 30-second spot is the "bedrock" of TV advertising. "There is no sign we are about to stop watching, talking about, and sharing them with others.”

A Year in TV also touched on two key pieces of 2012 research. Screen Life: the view from the sofa, which was commissioned by Thinkbox and carried out by COG research revealed that multi-screening actually increased the amount of time spent in the room whilst watching television and IPA’s Advertising Effectiveness: the long and short of it, which found that targeting a mass audience of existing and new customers was the most effective advertising approach.

Some key highlights of A Year in TV 2012

  • TV Advertising revenue reached a new high in 2012, totalling £4.4 billion

  • TV became 100% digital in 2012

  • The average viewer watched 4 hours, 1 minute a day of linear TV in 2012

  • Commercial TV channels accounted for 66% of total linear viewing, with the average viewer watching 2 hours, 35 minutes a day

  • Catch-up and on-demand is becoming more widely available on TV screens

  • 5 billion was invested into television programmes last year, a large part of this came from television advertising.

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