With the World Cup Comes a Roller Coaster of Emotions

What a roller coaster of emotions we all had at the end of last week. Whether you work for ITV or the BBC, The FA, are an advertiser, a media or creative agency or an English football fan – the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup draw brought anxiety (would England be moved to the dreaded pot 2), nervousness (drawn into a Group with Italy’s Balotelli and Shaarawy (one to watch) as well as the football genius in the form of Cavani and Suarez of Uruguay), confusion (a 2am GMT kick off somewhere near the Amazon – which has since been brought forward 3 hours) and then hope (of course with two draws and then a win against Costa Rico England will progress to the last 16 where Stevie G and the boys will make light work of getting to the Quarter Final and beat Brazil – simples!!!!!).

ITV will show the opening match of the tournament between hosts Brazil and Croatia on 12 June, including extensive coverage of the opening ceremony during which ITV Sport will be ‘Bringing Brazil to you’ the customer and viewer. ITV will then show England's second and third Group games against Uruguay and Costa Rica.

In the UK over 47 million people watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament broadcast from South Africa. With so many Premier League, La Liga and Serie A household names appearing in the vibrancy of the world’s 5th largest country (population and geographical area) one can only start to imagine the interest, and so viewing figures, that this colourful footy fest will deliver. Many of us can name the majority of the Belgium, Spain, Holland, France and Germany starting line ups (not forgetting the one man team that will be Portugal!). Add to this Brazil, Argentina and the aforementioned Uruguay and it is easy to see how many of us will have a vested interest, via our domestic allegiance, to most matches.

Johnson plays the ball inside to Steven Gerrard who powers forward, leaving Paulinho dizzy. Stevie G then plays a one two with Daniel Sturridge around a statuesque David Luiz (not for the first time) and from 25 yards hits a screamer into the top right corner past Julio Cesar. England beat Brazil to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi final (well we can dream can’t we??).

Mark Trinder

Sales Director ITV Commercial

FIFA 2014 World Cup – Group stage match split

Date Time Broadcaster Match
12 June 9pm ITV Brazil v Croatia
13 June 5pm ITV Mexico v Cameroon
8pm BBC Spain v Netherlands
11pm ITV Chile v Australia
14 June 5pm BBC Columbia v Greece
8pm ITV Uruguay v Costa Rica
11pm BBC England v Italy
2am ITV Ivory Coast v Japan
15 June 5pm ITV Switzerland v Ecuador
8pm BBC France v Honduras
11pm BBC Argentina v Bosnia
16 June 5pm ITV Germany v Portugal
8pm BBC Iran v Nigeria
11pm BBC Ghana v USA
17 June 8pm BBC Brazil v Mexico
5pm ITV Belgium v Algeria
11pm BBC Russia v South Korea
18 June 11pm ITV Cameroon v Croatia
5pm ITV Australia v Holland
8pm BBC Spain v Chile
19 June 5pm BBC Columbia v Ivory Coast
11pm BBC Japan v Greece
8pm ITV England v Uruguay
20 June 8pm ITV France v Switzerland
5pm BBC Italy v Costa Rica
11pm ITV Honduras v Ecuador
21 June 8pm BBC Germany v Ghana
5pm ITV Argentina v Iran
11pm BBC Nigeria v Bosnia
22 June 5pm BBC Belgium v Russia
11pm BBC USA v Portugal
8pm ITV South Korea v Algeria
23 June 9pm ITV Cameroon v Brazil
9pm ITV Croatia v Mexico
5pm ITV Australia v Spain
5pm ITV Holland v Chile
24 June 9pm BBC Japan v Columbia
9pm BBC Greece v Ivory Coast
5pm ITV England v Costa Rica
25 June 9pm BBC Ecuador v France
9pm BBC Honduras v Switzerland
5pm ITV Nigeria v Argentina
5pm ITV Bosnia v Iran
26 June 9pm ITV South Korea v Belgium
9pm ITV Algeria v Russia
5pm BBC USA V Germany
5pm BBC Portugal v Ghana