This Year, Next Year: UK Media and Marketing Forecasts

UK 2015 Outlook

“In 2015, the UK will be the first country in the world where more than half of all adspend will be spent on digital media.”

UK adspend is expected to rise by +5.7% in 2015 to £15.7bn


TV revenue is up by 5% in 2014

Traditional TV adspend is continuing to hold steady, attracting a projected:

£3.9bn - 26% of total ad spend

Top TV Categories:

£648m (+11.8% YoY)

£519m (+11.4% YoY)

Entertainments & Leisure
£466m (+2.9% YoY)

Games and consoles have seen the biggest growth YoY with +35.5%


Digital adspend is forecast to break through the £8bn mark  +13% increase vs. 2014


"The familiar drivers are video, social and mobile, but the underlying reason is more practical and attractive formats for brands - richer, more trackable, more targeted and more clickable" - Adam Smith, Futures Director


Advertising in physical newspapers and magazines is expected to drop to:

£2.3bn in 2015 - a decline of 9% from 2014

£92m of print ad revenue was logged as 'missing in action', some of which will have deserted for TV.

Source: GroupM - This Year, Next Year: UK media and marketing forecast. December 2014