CITV, the channel that inspires and entertains Britain's youth is broadcast into your living room from 6am to 6pm every day, showing a huge selection of exciting and engaging children’s programming to suit all ages.

Our programming is refreshing, upbeat and inspiring. CITV's line up includes top-performing show Horrible Science, which launched with 154k in 2015 and Bear Grylls Survival School which began earlier this year with 315k viewers!

  • Top CITV is the highest commercial children’s TV channel for Children ages 6-11
  • 315k Viewers for Bear Grylls Survival School which kicked off in January 2016 with a 5.9% share

Channel Highlights

  • CITV is the highest commercial children’s TV channel for Children aged 6-11.
  • Brand new series, Horrible Science launched in 2015 with 154k and a 2.3% share. The programme reached 7.5% of all children on CITV and ITV Simulcast through its broadcasts in 2015.
  • Bear Grylls Survival School began in January 2016 with 315k and a 5.9% share. The programme was up on the 2015 slot average by 116k and 2.5 share points.
  • Thunderbirds are Go! is consistently the most watched show in its Saturday morning slot and outperforms the channel slot average for individuals and children's audiences.
  • TAG is the only CITV/children's show to feature in the top ten most requested shows on ITV Hub, and has done so each week since launch.