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With more than seven million 16-24 year olds in the UK – 14% of the adult population, understanding this age group is vital not only for the future of ITV, but also for the brands advertising with us. We knew they were watching TV in different ways, but we launched a research study to find out more.

The Research

We carried out three nationally representative surveys where we compared 18-24 year olds with the rest of the population and we analysed census, Office for National Statistics, and Ofcom data. We also took part in ‘day in the life’ studies with five young people, and 24 others uploaded content online in response to a number of related themes.

The Results

Who they are
* This age group is the most diverse the UK has ever seen
* Despite the negative image of youth, this age group are risk-averse – they drink less, smoke less, and take fewer drugs than any generation before them
* As a globally-connected group, they are interested in world-wide issues

How they consume content

* While they are active on social media, they are ambivalent towards social media in particular
* They love video content, and watch three hours and 27 minutes a day – 56% of this time is watching TV
* Gaming and e-sports is a massive industry. In men, gaming in more popular than sport, with more people watching the Dota 2 e-sports tournament than the Super Bowl
* TV seen is the best place for memorable moments and stimulating togetherness

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