Advertising on TV doesn’t need to begin and end with ad spots these days. Now, we can take the interests of your brand, the most popular ITV content, and the needs of our shared audiences – and literally fuse them together! Think Compare the Market's meerkats wandering down Coronation Street for example, or McCain's product placement in Emmerdale's shop.

The magic formula Taking inspiration from Einstein’s theory of relativity, we believe E = BC² is the answer for creating the best and most powerful partnerships.

E: Like Einstein himself, the ‘e’ still stands for energy, but the commercial energy (think sales, profits, engagement, and awareness) we create by combining the right elements

B: The brand

C: The content C: The customer (of both your brand and our television content)

ITV Fusion is when we bring all these ingredients together – we know that the more each one fuses with the others, the more commercial energy is produced. With TV viewing at a 10-year high; partly thanks to the growth of second screen and social media, the ITV Fusion reaction takes place millions of times a day in people's sitting rooms across the country.

Fusion 5 elements

Why does it work?

The brand profits from a greater share of the national conversation * The content has a life beyond the moment of broadcast * The customer has a deeper and richer experience.

The Five elements of ITV Fusion

To create the strongest reaction, we’ve discovered five key elements to help you make the most of your partnership:

1. Creative effectiveness: Ads which demonstrate that a brand understands and loves the same content as the viewer. They never distract from the shows.

2. Real-world integration: Ensuring viewers experience the partnership in multiple ways, such as on the supermarket shelves or in their social media feeds.

3. Strategic link: However different the ITV content and your brand may appear to be, we’ll increase the effectiveness of the partnership by identifying and building a clear link between them.

4. Participation value: When customers get the chance to interact with TV content either through apps or other forms of second screen innovation, it takes the partnership to the next level.

5. The fifth element: The most important part is the degree to which your partnership sits at the heart of your marketing strategy. It’s the one element we can’t control, and is reliant on you not just bringing your customers, but also your employees, on the journey.

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