TV is about scale and public viewing, as opposed to Netflix, which is about micro or private viewing. We like being addressed as a crowd, we want to be part of something bigger. Matt Locke, Founder of Storythings and Media Theorist

Why does TV deliver more business success than any other platform?

We knew it was the case, but we wanted to know why. So we launched a major research project led by media experts and sociological academics to find out.

The Research

After 3,000 interviews, we discovered the answer lay in what it means to be human. Although technology has changed the way we live, the digital age can often lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. It’s at odds with our human nature, as we all have a need to bond with each other and are hardwired to be extremely social.

The Results

Premium TV content goes against the grain by providing valuable shared experiences and creating incredibly strong emotional bonds with viewers
ITV was found to create more bonding moments than any other channel – 16% more than the average channel and 38% higher than our closest commercial competitor
This is great news for brands, as when these conditions are present, viewers are affected in the following ways:

More likely to actively seek out information about the ads

8x More likely to participate with interactive ads

3x More likely to pay more attention to the ads

2x More likely to believe that more thought had gone into the ads

TV provides solace, it allows us to go beyond our immediate concerns and connect with something bigger. We understand human vulnerability through mythical stories. Dr Stephanie Baker, Lecturer City University London

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