Advertisers can partner with an entire channel as well as individual shows – like clothing brand F&F partnering with ITVBe for example. It's a great way to boost awareness of your business and reach current and potential customers.

The Research
We wanted to know more about why ITV Channel Partnerships work, and what advertisers can do to make sure they're a success. So, we set up a research programme with Sparkler, an insight and brand strategy consultancy, to find out.

The Results
Relevancy is key

  • The more connected your brand is to the channel, the more likely the partnership will boost your ad’s performance

  • It's important to create a sense of occasion within your creative that consumers can relate to

Value cross-promotion

  • When the ITV brand is heavily integrated with the ad’s creative, the partnership is more likely to be effective

  • Our logo should be used within each ad to increase association

  • Colour matching our logo with the creative increases the link between your brand and ITV

  • Changing our logo's font, shape, or style has a negative effect

It works

  • ITV Channel Partnerships generate trust, interest, and intention to purchase

When watching ads as part of an ITV Channel Partnership, viewers are affected in the following ways:

20% More interested in the brand’s products and services

14% More positive about the brand

12% More likely to trust the brand's products or services

12% More likely to buy the brands products or services

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