Our commercial research team's core responsibility is to provide evidence that the ITV environment generates a return on investment for advertisers.

Projects range from measuring the Power of Television, Digital Media Effectiveness and the value of Partnerships. We partner with a number of specialist research agencies to ensure that we deliver the most valued and actionable research and we also have access to a number of internal tools that help to position ITV as the best place for advertisers' media budgets.

Power of TV


  • Second Screen

    Second Screen

    The ideal environment to create an active conversation and engagement between brand and viewers.

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  • TV and Twitter

    TV and Twitter

    A study to advance brands’ understanding of how the combination of Twitter & ITV works so they best leverage the multiscreen environment.

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  • BVOD: The Bigger Picture

    BVOD: The Bigger Picture

    A groundbreaking study, joint with Channel 4, utilising our 1st party registered user data to explore BVOD behaviours and campaign effectiveness.

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Consumer Insight

  • ITV Village

    ITV Village

    The ITV Village is ITV’s very own community of ITV viewers.

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  • ITV Booth

    ITV Booth

    The Booth is ITV's window into the world of 16-24 year olds.

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  • SixUp


    SixUp is a long term project to monitor the gradual evolution in TV viewing behaviours in real homes.

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