The Formula and The Power of TV

The formula: E=BC²

Continuing our scientific theme, we've been exploring elements - the very building blocks of life! Historically there were four elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - believed to form every aspect of universe.

But we were more interested in the elements that create the most powerful commercial partnerships, and we asked whether there is a magic formula for us all to follow...

The most famous formula is surely Einstein's theory of relativity? E=MC² is the ultimate simplification of some extremely complicated maths, relating to the relationship between time, space and mass. But remember that Einstein didn't invent time, mass or space - he simply found a better way of articulating what was already there. We've tried to do the same for media... to better articulate the magic formula behind the most powerful and profitable partnerships.


  • E still stands for Energy: the commercial energy we can create by combining the right elements
  • B now represents the Brand
  • The first C stands for Content
  • The second C stands for Customer: of both the brands and our television content

Fusion is where we unite each of these ingredients. And we can now prove that the commercial energy and benefit back to each party is greater, the more each ingredient fuses with the others: 

  • The Brand profits, in many ways, from a greater share of the national conversation
  • The Content has a life way beyond the moment of broadcast
  • The Customer has a deeper and far richer experience

The Power of TV

The ITV Fusion reaction takes place every day in millions of sitting-rooms across the country. Commercial TV viewing is at a 10-year high – and the arrival of the Second Screen and Social Media have turbocharged its influence. Today, the power of ITV content to spark and sustain conversation and connection is greater than ever before.

No other communications channel has the power of TV to influence, lead, shape, or reflect popular culture.

TV produces a powerful emotional reaction in us. Over the years, television has united, awed, surprised, delighted and sometimes shocked us, as it has brought the wider outside world into our sitting rooms. 

It has given us fuel for the conversations that connect us.

And of course TV has introduced brands to us – continuing to forge huge emotional bonds between customers and brands.