ITV Lives

itv-lives.pngITV LIVES continues to explore the lives and behaviours of the TV viewing population and Wave 3 includes the latest data around technology, dual screening, social media, TV viewing and online usage.

  • Social Lives

    95% of Social LIVES now own a smartphone and 45% own a tablet. This means brands should be embedding their campaigns across multiple touchpoints to reach them effectively.

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  • Connected Lives

    There has been a huge increase in the number of Connected LIVES 'Shopping' whilst watching TV in this wave. Optimising online shopping experiences for tablet devices should be key for advertisers.

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  • Busy Lives

    Event TV remains hugely popular for Busy LIVES and in particular, watching with their families. Tablet usage during these event TV moments is also on the rise so brands should also consider dual screen ad solutions.

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  • Traditional Lives

    Traditional LIVES still watch the most television of all LIVES groups. Brands need to have a strong broadcast media presence in order to target them effectively.

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