Do you love your product so much you can’t help but shout about it? Here’s why Teleshopping is for you

Teleshopping gives you the opportunity to tell your brand’s story by taking over a specific time within an infomercial and selling directly to the viewer. Even better, our Teleshopping slots (within the hours of 1am to 8am) are available across ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3 and ITV4, including +1 and HD, giving you an extensive mix of channels to choose from to build a deeper understanding of your product, with the right audience and at the right time. Even at night time, there is something for everyone.

There will be three main ingredients that will differentiate your Teleshopping campaign:

  • Product on screen

  • Purchase mechanism (Website or Phone) on screen

  • Price on screen 

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By speaking directly to the viewer, Teleshopping enables you to really pitch your product, whether its long-form targeting of 30 minutes to our specialised audiences or if you just need short-form targeting of 3-12 minutes, ITV Teleshopping has got you covered. 

Why should you choose ITV for your Teleshopping campaign?

Teleshopping with ITV gives you access to thousands of loyal viewers with affordable TV production costs, with no minimum spend. We offer you transparency when booking your Teleshopping ads.


Our audience and channels


Pick the channel that works most naturally for your product, whether you’re looking for a young and enthusiastic crowd or leaning towards domestic and housepersons, there is something for everyone. We have the audience, let us introduce you. 

ITV2 Digital Channel of the Year and the nation’s most loved is about making life more colourful. With shows that have a playful twist, new films, celeb gossip, great comedy and drama to escape into, there’s always room to play and have a laugh on ITV2.

ITVBe, dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment programming from the UK and US, featuring real lives, and real people.

ITV3 is the home of character-driven narrative and timeless drama that engages and stirs the emotions. Sophisticated, 35+ audiences tune in to ITV3 for the chance to see key ITV titles again.

ITV4 is all about feeding your inner fan with a haven of sport and cult classics. The channel's core audience is 25-44 year old males looking for great escapism that's an antidote to the everyday.

Our Teleshopping opportunities are also available across the digital platforms; Virgin, Freeview and Sky.

Teleshopping ad formats

We know there can be a lot of technical jargon when it comes to Teleshopping. But in short, there are two ways you can use response television, let us break it down for you. 


These are half hour infomercials within our trusted ITV family of channels throughout the night, giving you access to our loyal and specialised audience. 

  • Performance based 30 min media 

  • Minimum term: 1 month, 1 package (one slot a night)

  • No minimum spend

  • Pre-recorded

  • Clearcast approval required

  • Prices as little as £70 per spot


These are on average 3 -12 minute breaks, made to measure home shopping, or  subscription & donation based offerings that sit within ITV's world famous content.  

  • Exclusive ad breaks within programming

  • Pre - recorded

  • Fixed costs

  • No minimum spend

  • Award winning programming

  • 3 - 12 mins

  • Clearcast approval required

  • One spot a day = >1m opportunities to see

What else should I know aboutTeleshopping with ITV?


  • Packages can be bought either annually, 6 monthly, quarterly or monthly

  • Inventory is available at varying times per channel*, please see below:


  ITV2: 2.30-8am
  ITVBe: 1-9am
  ITV3: 2.30-8am
  ITV4: 3-6am 


*For each +1 channel, the inventory hours will run one hour later than above.

Digital Channel Information

  Freeview     Sky       Virgin Media     Freesat 
ITV2 6 225 115 113
ITV2 HD n/a 118 176 n/a
ITV2 +1 27 180 116 114
ITVBe 26 179 119 118
ITVBe +1 58 207 120 119
ITV3 10 263 117 115
ITV3 HD n/a 119 177 n/a
ITV3 +1 34 193 174 116
ITV4 24 268 118 117
ITV4 HD n/a 120 178 n/a
ITV4 +1 62 206 175 155


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