Advertising in the Channel Islands with ITV

Advertising with ITV Channel Television is both affordable and effective. Our bespoke airtime packages are expertly tailored to put you into the heart of conversations across the Channel Islands.

Channel Island highlights

One of ITV's biggest USPs for advertisers is our regional flexibility – clients choose exactly which areas to target and therefore brands can ensure their campaigns are as successful as possible. ITV Channel Television reaches 86% of adults, with ITV News on Channel being a local programme highlight.

Fun Fact

Home of the most famous potato, the Jersey Royal, perfect served with locally caught lobster! You’re never far from the sea in The Channel Islands, which are famous for their delicious dairy products courtesy of the Jersey and Guernsey cattle herds (possibly the cutest cows around).

Audiences you can reach

Monthly reach for Adults  86%

Across the Channel Islands, 100,000 adults watch ITV every week 64,440 in Jersey and 39,991 in Guernsey

79% of adults in Jersey watch ITV weekly

87% of adults in Jersey watch ITV on a monthly basis

Weekly media reach is at 79% compared to 51% for Local commercial radio and 42% for local press

Why choose ITV to advertise in the Channel Islands?

As the UK’s leading broadcaster, we know how to get people talking across the nation. Keen to be a part of the conversation in the Channel Islands? Choose from our advertising solutions designed to suit all businesses.

Never advertised on TV before? Our new to TV guide covers everything you need to know about why advertising with ITV is a great place to start.

Did you know?

TV advertising works better than any other form of media. 

71% of all advertising profit comes from TV, with TV generating an average return of £1.79 for every £1 spent (the highest ROI of any medium). Campaigns including TV are 35% more effective than those without, lifting the performance of the whole schedule*. 

*Thinkbox: Payback4: pathways to profit.

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The power of regional


With regional advertising, your business is put front and centre into the areas you’re targeting. It also gives you a canvas for experimentation; target micro regions with different messaging and see what works and what doesn’t. In addition, our talented creatives will work with you to create a regional advert perfect for specific local audiences.


Easily test, learn, and scale your regional advertising

Many advertisers already capitalise on our regionality – that’s why over half of ITV’s advertisers are able to build their business successfully by spending under £50,000 with us (Packages of Airtime on ITV Channel Islands can be bought for as little as £2,392). Reach in the Channel Islands is well worth the spend too; you can reach up to 22,000 people watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in the Channel Islands.
A simple regional test and control approach will help you learn quickly and get speedy wins. Only ITV’s regional network gives brands the ability to do that at scale flexibly.

Cut costs with regional advertising

The cost of ITV regional advertising is great value for money, so you end up spending less. 
With higher levels of viewing across linear live viewing and ITVX, your advertising campaign can be seen by more people. You can also reduce risk further by booking your campaign week-by-week, capitalising on late access to airtime without penalty, as we continue to make TV and VOD advert slots more flexible.
 Rachel Baines

Don't forget digital

Advertising regionally with ITV is more than television – with ITV, you can also advertise digitally with VOD (video on demand). This lets you advertise in the heart of homes in the Channel Islands digitally, on a platform where millions of people are watching the shows they love. With ITVX you can extend your airtime campaign to geo target Jersey and Guernsey separately on ITVX from just £40.00. 

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